Revisions/Errata for Softrock Lite II Project

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1/9/2013 Home
Local Oscillator
Band Pass Filter

Band-Specific Issue Is Now FIxed

Band-Specific Components are now implemented in the Biulls of Materials for all options (RX and IF) of the SR Lite II kit.

Sheets 2 and 3 of the 9/3/2011 schematics on the Yahoo reflector should NOT be used (other than as history).

1/8/2013 Local Oscillator
Band Pass Filter

Received confirmation that the current valid list of band-specific components is the list on the FiveDash site.

Currently in the process of updating the currently erroneous band-specific components for this project on the site.  

Until further notice, builders should refer to the list on the FiveDash site.

Apologies to any builders inconvenienced by this discrepancy.

1/7/2013 Local Oscillator
Band Pass Filter

Added 7 new "bands" (for IF options) and specified band-specific components using 9/3/2011 Sheets 2 and 3 from Yahoo reflector for values.  

There is currently an issue with two different sets of value specifications.  The FiveDash site has a set of values for the IF options that disagrees with the values from the schematic sheets on the Yahoo reflector.  

This should be resolved soon